A group exhibition of extinct & endangered birds
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Benefiting Portland Audubon
20% of all sales will be donated to conservation and education efforts

Kristin Bell
Acrylic on Panel, 16"x20"

Gigi Chen
Call Me
20"x24", Acrylic on Wood

Carolynda Macdonald
The Valley of Lost Souls
36”x33”, Oil on linen

Sean Mahan
“Florida Grasshopper Sparrow”
12x12”, Acrylic on wood

Alexis Trice
12”x16”, Oil on Panel

Joseph Renda Jr
“Kill Two Birds With One Stone”
14”X14” (framed to 16”X16”), Oil/spray-paint on aluminum

Ben Patterson
"Galapagos Willy"
18"x14"x1.5", Oils on Cradled Panel

Brin Levinson
Northern Spotted Owl
17"x20" framed, graphite on paper

Caroline Weaver
Keys To The Kingdom
16"x20", Blacklight Responsive Oils on Clayboard
Keys To The Kingdom when viewed under blacklight.

Susannah Kelly
Hawaiian Crow
16"x20", graphite on paper

Megan Buccere
The Crowned
20x20", oil on birch

Neil M. Perry
Red Siskin
12"x16", acrylic on panel

Amy Ruppel
"A Loss of Wisdom"
Acrylic on wood panel, 16x20"

Fumi Nakamura
Tomorrow is Our Permanent Address (iv)
12"x12", Graphite, Color Pencil and Gouache

Frank Gonzales
Juvenile Black Hawk
20"x24", Acrylic on Panel

Alexander Fjelnseth
"Golden white-eye".
Oil on Panel, 12"x12"