Edith Lebeau

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Edith Lebeau is a Canadian artist based on the north shore of Montreal, Quebec. Her iconic style is well represented in this most recent series, surreal and thought-provoking portraits of women deep in introspection. Symbols of pills, poison, and knives surround her figures, who are seemingly lost in themselves. Intense imagery is juxtaposed with Edith’s signature bright color pallet, questioning what we present to the world and what we leave hidden.

Fire Season
Acrylics on Wood, 14"x18"
Possessed by an Old Fear
Acrylics on Wood, 11"x14"

Some Days Are Better Than Others
Acrylics on Wood, 14"x18"
How to DIY a Home
Acrylics on Wood, 12"x16"

The Illusion of Liberty
Acrylics on Wood, 20"x20"
Cutting Down Your Soul
Acrylics on Wood, 14"x18"

Don't Listen to the Voices
Acrylics on Wood, 24"x30"