Alex Kuno
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Alex Kuno is a full-time artist and illustrator living and working out of his studio in the Lowertown Arts District in Saint Paul, MN. For over a decade he has been composing dark, demented fairy tales which present a satirical view of an increasingly absurd reality. While his human characters look as though they’re plucked right from the canvases of Medieval paintings, the bizarre scenarios they are placed within are pan-historical in their barbarism and surreal bent.
Spirit of Regret is a Stone Mute
Acrylic on Arches Paper and Wood, 22"x24"

Acrylic on Wood, 8"x10"

Beasts of the Sea
Acrylic on Wood, 12”x16”

Flowers in the Garden
Oil on Wood, 22”x24”

The Other Planet
Acrylic on Arches Paper and Wood

Acrylic on Arches Paper and Wood, 16”x20”