Stacey Rozich - What is Time?
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Stacey Rozich was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. Her watercolor and gouache paintings reflect her intense interest in cultural narratives, textile patterns and folkloric details. This latest series is concerned with the notion of time as a linear or non-linear concept, a sentiment we are grappling with on a daily basis at this moment in history. Expanding on a core conceit of a current universal sentiment that time does not seem stable or meaningful int he way it once did, these paintings capture snapshots within a moment.

"Insomniac Shopping Hour"
Watercolor, gouache
13" x 16"

"Beast of Emotional Burden"
Watercolor, gouache
15" x 15"

"Dutch Flat (Get The Fuck Out)"
Watercolor, gouache
23" x 26"
*Self portrait of the artist packing up her things after a weekend getaway with friends in a most-likely-haunted cabin in Dutch Flat, California when a disembodied voice says "Get the fuck out" while a crew of local ghosts approvingly look on. (TRUE STORY)

"Claudio, At Home"
Watercolor, gouache
16" x 16"

"Sunday Matinee, Act II"
15" x 18"