Sara Swink
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I make clay human and animal figures with a psychological stance. My hand-built sculptural work imparts feelings and ideas through narrative, often with a humorous edge. I’ve always loved animals and enjoy expressing human tendencies through animal archetypes. Animals are instinctual beings while human animals are often cut off from their instincts; an animal may symbolically bring us a quality we lack or want to hide. My process includes collage, sketching on paper and in clay. I like to riff and doodle, one idea leading to another, in an endless progression that reflects and feeds my inner life. I use a gritty sculpture clay, incise into the clay, bisque fire, finish with oxides, underglazes and glazes, then fire to cone 5.

19"x9"x5", Ceramic

Jungle Cat
12"x11"x9", Ceramic

22"x12"x7", Ceramic

Blue Tiger
12"x8"x6", Ceramic

Bunny Boy
15.5"x12"x7", Ceramic

Circle of Life
17"x10"x6", Ceramic & Wire

Pink Tiger
8"x6"x5.5", Ceramic

Two-Faced Lion
14"x18"x10", Ceramic

8"x9"x2", Ceramic

Antler Tree
18"x14"x9", Ceramic

More Marmalade
9"x7"x7", Ceramic

Hostage Situation
16"x5"x8", Ceramic & Wire

Bird on a Stick
13"x6"x4", Ceramic & Mixed Media

Don't Look
10"x6"x4", Ceramic