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Tiffany Bozic - Easther


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24” x 24”, acrylic on maple panel // ​**SOLD**

​Easther – Metamorphosis – the quest for others and self-identity.
The fifth element in the Platonic Solids is a dodecahedron representing the metaphysical Spirit or Aether. This painting explores seeking relationships, metamorphosis and the continual discovery of self.
Most of us think of Moths as ethereal creatures climbing up our screen doors on a humid summer night, or famously being drawn to the light. Like us, they also search for each other in the darkness. Moths exhibit all kinds of fascinating ways to find mates in the light of the moon, including fuzzy “sex-scale” patches of fur all over their body that they use to carry scent. They use their sensitive antennae to detect sex Pheromones with their fuzzy receptors to attract
mates over long distances. In the painting I included mostly native moths to the PNW, like the local Tiger Moth, Sphinx
moth, and Ceanothus Moth. The white and yellow Salt Marsh Moths have developed an unusual Coremata, in which the males use an internal structure that inflates from their abdomen and expels chemicals in the air to attract females.
I also included one of my personal favorite cave-dwelling nocturnal creatures, the Amblypygid, molting its armored exoskeleton off to reveal the soft pale translucent new form. I tried to make the dodecahedron look as if it was spun of thin spider web or moth silk, still wet with dew. The Octagon in the background was based off a swirly Suminagashi (ink on water) pattern I made, to suggest constant change.